Why Choose Hanle Industries For Buying a TV?

In today’s world, television has become an integral part of everyone’s life. Because besides providing entertainment, it is also used as a great source of education. The present television is a lot more advanced than its previous models. The present form of television is known as an LED TV. 

As technology is progressing day by day, several models of television with updated features are introduced in the market. Among various suppliers, Guangzhou Hanle Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd is a professional platform that manufactures and supplies various types of televisions. In this article, we will mostly cover some reasons that make Hanle Industries no.1 industry in supplying various types of televisions. Read on to know what these are:

Wholesale cost: If you want to buy a TV at wholesale cost, then doubtlessly, you should contact Hanle Industries. Due to the fact that they manufacture their own televisions, they supply every product at wholesale cost without charging any extra charges. 

Wide variety: Now, there is no need to wander here and there in search of various types of TVs. Now, you can browse the various types of TVs on a single platform which is the platform of Hanle Industries.

Excellent products and excellent services: They manufacture excellent products like Curved TV, frameless TV, QLED TV, OLED TV, etc. due to great ongoing services, they have customers all around the world. And has achieved the various types of certificates that are displayed on their website.

Reasons To Choose Hanle Industries For Buying TV

Guangzhou Hanle Electrical Appliance Industry Co., Ltd is a specialized professional company that mainly focuses on the sale, production, and numerous services of LED TV. If you are looking for any platform for buying an advanced TV at wholesale, we suggest you contact Hanle Industries.

Because there are numerous reasons to choose Hanle Industries over other suppliers. The top 3 reasons which can win your heart for buying a television from Hanle Industries are given below. Read on to know what these are:

Top 3 reasons to choose Hanle Industries:

  1. Wide variety of products: Hanle Industries is a specialized industry that can entertain you with a wide variety of televisions at affordable prices. Now, there is no need to wander from shop to shop in order to view different models of televisions. Instead, you can sit on your sofa and can visit the website of Hanle Industries. Their entire collection of television with all necessary information is displayed on their website.
  1. Production systems and achievements: The company makes each product with high-quality material. That is why the life span of their products is greater as compared to other televisions. Production of television is carried out in strict accordance with ISO9002 quality standards. Due to their hard work, and great customer feedback, they have earned great achievements.
  1. Core values: Hanle Industries also pay attention to their core values which are progress, honesty, innovation, and pragmatism.

Goal of Hanle Industries:

Guangzhou Hanle Electrical Appliance Industry Co., Ltd is a singular country that works on its goals. They set up the goal and achieve it. Primarily, their main goal is to provide the best services and products at the best price as compared to the market.

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Recommended Time For Kids On Screen

Children differ in their needs, and so is screen time. To monitor the screen time one can buy a tv that has sleep time. Many TV wholesale shops sell this type of tv. Nevertheless, there are general recommendations. we recommend the following durations for daily media use for children from zero to ten years of age:

0–3 years: ideally no screen media, no more than 30 minutes of listening media, regular viewing and reading of books.

3–6 years: a maximum of 30 minutes in front of the screen, a maximum of 45 minutes of listening to media, regular viewing and reading of books

6–10 years: a maximum of 45-60 minutes of screen media, a maximum of 60 minutes of audio media, regular reading, or reading.

And for older children and adolescents, the following guidelines are recommended:

10–12 years: one hour a day or seven hours a week.

13-14 years: 1.5 hours per day or 10.5 hours per week.

15–16 years: two to 2.5 hours per day or 14–17.5 hours per week.

At the same time, however, these recommendations are only intended as a guide, exceptions are allowed and families are best to lay down rules that everyone normally follows.


Of course, audio and video media have become an integral part of our everyday lives. This also applies to the lives of our children. Technical devices play a major role, especially among friends and at school. 

Therefore, it does not make sense to let your child grow up completely far from any screen media. However, the measure is very important. In any case, you should think in advance about the alternatives you can offer your child if the screen time is used up again.