How Do You Open a Smart Door Lock?

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There are many different ways to open a smart door lock. There are door locks with an app, a bridge is required for a WLAN connection. Make sure the bridge is compatible. The advantage of a lock with WiFi is that you can open the door from anywhere using the app, for example, to let a friend in. You can only open the lock via Bluetooth when you are within range of the connection.

Remote Control:

An intelligent door lock with remote control can be opened at the push of a button. In principle, this works in the same way as opening and closing the car remotely. Usually, the remote control connects to the lock via BlueTooth. The transmission range of the remote control is therefore not very large. You can only open the door if you are within a few meters or less.

pin code

Lock With PIN:

A door lock with a PIN has a keypad that you can use to open the door. A personal PIN is used for this. It is possible to set temporary PINs for door locks with a keypad. This is useful, for example, to give people access to your house for a short time. For example, a friend or carer can come into the house with a code. Even if you rent your apartment through Airbnb, guests can use the keypad during their stay.

Extra Key or Tag:

With an additional key such as an RFID tag, a smart card, or a smart key, you can open the door by holding a tag to the lock. These types of tags use radio frequencies or other NFC methods to make contact with the lock. Typically, an extra key or tag is used in addition to other methods of opening the door. Is the battery of your mobile phone empty or is it not possible to establish a connection via the app? Then you use the RFID tag.

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