How Long Does Gel Polish Last? & Other FAQ

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What’s the best storage temperature for gel nail polish? Does gel polish go bad in heat? And how long does gel nail polish last? We created this article to address some commonly asked questions about gel polish and provide you with researched information and facts.

What’s The Best Storage Temperature For Gel Nail Polish?

Temperature is always a factor to consider when storing gel polish. The temperature of your storage area will affect the shelf-life of your gel nail polish. Lower temperatures can cause your polish to become brittle and thick, while higher temperatures will cause the polish to become thin and runny.

Gel nail polish has a temperature range that’s best for preserving color and shine: between four and 10 degrees Celsius (39 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit). If the polish is stored outside of this range, it will begin to break down.

Does Gel Polish Go Bad In Heat?

The heat can damage the product’s quality and make it brittle. Do not leave it in the car or while traveling where it will be exposed to high temperature or sunlight. 

Having it in an area where it will be exposed to a lot of sunlight and heat can make it break down more quickly and cause the color to fade sooner than expected.

Should You Shake Gel Nail Polish Before Using It?

Some say yes, others say no. The truth is that shaking a bottle of gel nail polish isn’t really necessary, but manufacturers add ingredients during production that can create an uneven surface. So shaking it may help your manicure look its best. 

Furthermore, if you have a bottle that’s been sitting around for a while, there may be some gelling agent left on the bottom of the bottle that will not harden when it’s exposed to UV light, so you need to shake the bottle before you use it. 

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