Your Finger Is Your Key

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Different types of door locks are used for keeping our private property safe from intruders. No doubt, smart locks have replaced ordinary locks because smart door locks are more safe and secure as compared to ordinary locks. You can install the setup of any smart lock and can go anywhere without the tension of being robbed or forgetting the key. 

Because among various types of smart locks, many locks lack physical keys. Some smart locks can be unlocked by your connected phone or tablet by Wifi or Bluetooth signals. 

The smart locks that work with wifi or Bluetooth are known as Bluetooth door locks.  Now you can lock and unlock your house or private room by simply tapping on the phone within the range of Bluetooth. If you are inside your house and forgot to lock the front door, there is no need to worry and run to the door instead, you can lock it by your phone only if you have installed a Bluetooth or wifi door lock.

Similarly, just like other smart locks, a fingerprint smart lock or thumbprint smart lock is the most advanced type of smart lock that can lock or unlock your house, room, or vault with your registered finger. Which means that your finger is your key. 

You can register your finger on the sensor and can lock or unlock the door or vault with your finger. This type of smart lock is mostly found in 5-star hotels for giving next-level security to their customers. 

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