Different Types Of Showcases

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There are some things that we just want to hide behind closed doors. But then there are also some beautiful pieces that we would like to put in the limelight. This can be valuable porcelain, for example, a beautiful model car or other things that are important to us. 

A display cabinet is ideal for presenting and protecting these special pieces of jewelry at the same time. Nowadays there are no longer only the models in the classic country house style. This post will tell you everything you need to know about the showcase and the best way to set it up.


If you want to buy a showcase, you may already have a very specific model in mind. However, there are probably more variants than you even know. Which model you ultimately choose depends not only on your personal taste but also on the space available and your wallet.


A glass showcase is particularly suitable for the presentation of special pieces. With the glass showcase, it is advantageous if you illuminate your favorite pieces from the right side and in the right light.

Jewelry showcase:

A jewelry showcase is mainly used by women to keep their valuable jewelry. This showcase has a front wall made of glass so that the jewelry can be presented in the best possible way.

Wall display case:

A wall showcase consists of a housing made of glass and aluminum, which in some cases is reinforced with a wooden wall. You can then hang these showcases on the wall.

Table showcase:

As the name suggests, a table showcase is used to present your favorite items on a table. Of course, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a table – you can also place this showcase on a chest of drawers or a sideboard.

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