Want To Know About Silica Sol Casting? Read This!!!

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The process of casting for obtaining complex shapes is an ancient method that was introduced about 7000 years ago. As the foundry industry is increasing on a large scale, various types of castings are used for obtaining highly complex shapes. Among various types of casting procedures, the technique that acts as a molding adhesive for stainless steel is custom silica sol casting. In this article, we will briefly introduce silica sol casting.

What is silica sol casting?

Silica sol is a type of milky colloid. Silica sol casting is particularly used for products that have precise dimensions and high corrosion resistance. Therefore, silica sol casting has a much better surface quality and possesses a less geometrical deviation of dimensions. Stainless steel material, carbon steel material (pump casting, valve casting, marine hardware, furniture decoration, etc) are some examples of casting produced by silica sol casting. 

Steps of silica sol casting:

It involves four basic steps which are written below: 

  1. Wax making
  2. Shell making
  3. Casting and post processing

The above steps further consist of various steps. That is why in order to prepare material related to silica sol casting, you should have to wait for a little while to finish the production. 

Best supplier of silica sol casting: 

Silica sol casting is included in the lost wax casting process and is not easily available everywhere. Yet, you can contact Lantian Precision Machinery to acquire any type of casting. They deal with various materials made up of various types of casting techniques. 

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