4G Security Camera Review

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4g security camera

4G Security Camera Review

4G security cameras require a SIM data plan and cellular signal to operate. They can consume a lot of data when streaming live and during manual recordings.

Look for a camera that has adjustable sensitivity levels to avoid false alerts and conserve solar camera outdoor storage space. Make sure the camera offers two-way audio functionality.

The REOLINK 4G LTE Cellular Security Camera Solar

The Reolink 4G LTE Cellular Security Camera Solar is a wire-free camera with a big battery and solar panel for nonstop power. It also supports both 2.4GHz and 5GHz WiFi networks, which is an important upgrade from its competitors. And with 4K Ultra HD video, 8MP still photos and support for both two-way audio and motion detection, this is a great choice for smart home security.

Cellular battery powered cameras are ideal for locations where a strong Wi-Fi signal or hardwired Ethernet and electrical power aren’t available. They use a SIM card to connect to the cellular network and can transmit videos directly to your smartphone. They are often referred to as 3G/4G LTE or mobile security cameras.

With this camera, you can monitor your property from anywhere in the world. You can receive instant notifications if the camera detects suspicious activity, and you can remotely access the live stream using Reolink’s free software on iOS/Android devices or Windows/Mac computers. You can even sound a siren or customized voice alert to scare off intruders.

The one thing missing from this camera is a temperature display, which would be useful for remote monitoring of outdoor environments. And although the motion sensing range is decent, there are areas where it could be improved (for example, by adding a wider field of view). But for an untethered wireless camera with a lot of potential, this one is worth considering.

The Xega 4G LTE Cellular Security Camera Solar

Designed to be used in remote locations without Wi-Fi, this cellular security camera has a built-in solar panel and battery to power it. This means that it can be installed in places like farms, vacation homes, construction sites, warehouses, cabins and more without needing to install a separate electrical power source. It is also perfect for wildlife studies, as it can withstand the harsh outdoor elements.

Besides the fact that this cellular security camera is solar powered, it also has a number of other impressive features. For example, it offers 24/7 recording and 2K HD color night vision to ensure that you never miss a thing. It can even detect the movement of a person within its detection range and sound a warning if necessary. Its smart human shape recognition technology reduces false positives by up to 95%.

This wireless cellular security camera does not require Wi-Fi and can be connected to any carrier using its SIM card, which comes with 300MB of free data for testing purposes. It is compatible with Android and iOS devices and is very easy to set up. Just insert the SIM card, mount the camera and scan its QR code with the Ubox APP to begin monitoring your property immediately. The app allows you to view your footage and share it with others at the same time.

The SOLIOM 4G LTE Cellular Security Camera

One of the things that makes this security camera stand out is its ability to use solar power to charge and operate. This is a big benefit for those who want to install cameras in places where it would be difficult or impossible to run electrical wires. It also operates on 4G LTE rather than wifi, which is another advantage for remote locations.

Setup is pretty simple, though you’ll need to figure out how to connect the solar panel to the camera itself (it runs off a separate power cord). The app quickly gets it connected to Wi-Fi and offers some helpful booming voice instructions during setup. Once you’re live, you can record to an onboard micro SD card or use Soliom’s subscription-based cloud service. This starts with a 30-day free trial and then charges $2 per month for 30 days, $11 for 180 days, or $22 for 360 days.

The night vision on this camera is pretty good, too. It uses both white and infrared LEDs to illuminate your property at night, and the PIR motion sensor is sensitive enough that it will alert you when something moves near the camera. It also 4g security camera features two-way talk so that you can shout at or chat with any intruders.

The Eufy 4G Starlight

Unlike other security cameras that stream or send footage over a Wi-Fi connection, the Eufy 4G Starlight uses cellular data to communicate with a mobile app. This makes it ideal for remote locations where Wi-Fi is either unreliable or unavailable, such as an off-grid cabin in the woods or a construction site. Equipped with motion detection capabilities, the camera will notify users in real-time when movement is detected within its field of view. The app also provides a user-friendly interface for monitoring footage and setting features, such as adjusting sensitivity levels or setting activity zones.

The camera also supports two-way audio, allowing users to remotely interact with individuals who may be on the other end of the lens. This functionality is useful for many scenarios, such as communicating with delivery personnel or deterring unwanted intruders.

However, it is worth noting that the Eufy 4G Starlight does not offer cloud storage, meaning that saved video will be stored locally on an included 8GB enhanced multimedia card. As a result, it is important to consider your monthly mobile data plan costs before using this camera, as viewing and recording up to 10 seconds of live footage per day and 25 events per month can consume up to 500 megabytes of mobile data each month. Fortunately, the company’s EIOTCLUB IoT SIM card for the camera offers a 1GB monthly data plan at an affordable rate.

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