Electric Golf Cart Manufacturer

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Electric Golf Cart manufacturer

Electric Golf Cart Manufacturer

Electric Golf Cart manufacturer makes vehicles with top-notch components and a great warranty. These vehicles are used in hotels, guest houses, country clubs, and gated communities. They also offer a variety of custom cart designs.

Kinetic Green is a leader in premium golf carts. It has partnered with Tonino Lamborghini to design and manufacture these vehicles in India.

Karrior Electric Vehicles

Located at 570 W 184TH STREET, GARDENA, CA, United States. Get in touch with KARRIOR ELECTRIC VEHICLES INC directly by submitting the contact form or calling the number displayed. Connect with the top rated professionals like George Kettel from Los Angeles, California who Electric Golf Cart manufacturer have expertise in Vehicles, Product Development and New Business Development and more. You can also find other professionals and experts who may be able to help you with your project, including EV Vehicles, EV Charging Stations and Battery & Electrical Systems.

Karrior Electric Vehicles makes industrial vehicles and carts. The company offers a complete line of electric burden carriers, electric stock chasers, electric utility vehicles and electric carts custom made to customers’ specifications. Other products include electric tow tractors and electric trams. The company also manufactures lithium-sulfur batteries and provides fleet management and scheduling software.

Founded in 1989, the company has an impressive list of clients that includes Fed Ex Ground in suburban Pittsburgh and Merchants Fleets in Hooksett, New Hampshire. Its vehicles are also used in airports to pull planes. The owner of the company, George Kettel, is a Navy veteran. He has been in the automotive industry for more than 60 years. In addition to his work at Karrior, he owns Modesto Machine Works Inc and Repair Machine and Engineering, in which he has held several positions.

Columbia Vehicles Inc.

Columbia Vehicles offers a wide range of industrial vehicles that are used to transport people and equipment. The company specializes in creating and designing vehicles for precise customer solutions. Its products include a complete line of electric burden carriers, utility trucks and personnel carriers. Columbia also offers customization services for specific applications and environments.

Columbia’s pure electric working solutions can tackle tasks that golf carts aren’t designed to handle. They can transport thousands of pounds without generating any pollution or noise. They are ideal for a variety of work applications, including outdoor courses, airports, and warehouses.

Getting materials, tools and technical personnel to critical areas in plant facilities is enhanced with the help of industrial vehicles. Columbia has a full line of vehicles that are tough, dependable and long lasting. Southwest Materials Handling Company can show you how the different models can help your company maximize productivity. Contact us today for more information. We look forward to hearing from you.!

Bradshaw Electric Vehicles

Bradshaw EV is Britain’s leading industrial electric vehicle manufacturer, providing an extensive range of off-the-shelf and bespoke vehicles. Their products include airport electric tow tractors for baggage movement, passenger carriers for persons of reduced mobility, load carriers and bulk liquid bowsers. They also offer a wide range of utility vehicles and pedestrian controlled solutions.

A family run business, the company’s ethos is that a complete package is offered to ensure customers are happy with their experience and service. This includes operator training and a dedicated support team to answer any after-sales queries. In addition, a full maintenance service is available for all their vehicles.

Among the company’s most popular models is their Goupil electric road vehicle, which is used by many local authorities and landscape and maintenance businesses. These vehicles can be fitted with either lithium or lead-acid batteries and can be customized to suit the individual needs of a customer.

In addition to their popular range of electric vehicles, Bradshaw EV also offers a wide variety of accessories and parts. Their T800 tow tractor for baggage movement has several options, including a cab with lockable slam metal doors and maximum speed pre-set at 8kph or 14kph. It can handle a load up to 8,000kg and comes with five individual braking systems, including drum brakes on the steer and drive axles.


Garia Electric Vehicles produces luxury golf carts with European style and a pedigree that puts it in the same league as Porsche, Jaguar and Volvo. Their products are made from the finest materials, and they are engineered with the same care that went into their design. The result is a low-speed vehicle that offers unparalleled comfort and performance.

The company’s goal is to deliver vehicles that are as functional as they are beautiful. They also strive Electric Golf Cart supplier to be environmentally responsible. They are committed to reducing waste and emissions, and 40%-60% of their energy comes from renewable sources. They also use a variety of recycled materials in their vehicles. In addition, their vehicles are designed to meet health, safety and environmental standards.

One of the most unique features of Garia vehicles is their compact form factor, which allows them to navigate narrow spaces that would be impassable to traditional trucks and cars. This means that they can fit through doors and between posts and other barriers that are typically designed to keep out traditional trucks and cars.

In late 2021, Club Car announced that it would acquire Danish-based Garia, a manufacturer of low-speed vehicles. The financial terms of the deal were not disclosed. Willkie served as financing counsel to Club Car in the transaction. The acquisition will provide a strong complement to Club Car’s product line.

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