Electric Motorcycles Manufacturers

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Electric Motorcycles manufacturer

Electric Motorcycles Manufacturers

Electric motorcycles are designed to meet a range of customer needs. They feature modularized platforms that integrate the battery, PCU, and motor with the motorcycle body. They also feature advanced connectivity, enabling post-purchase software updates.

Some companies produce a large number of models, while others focus on exclusivity or quality. For example, Newron produces just one model that is hand-built by the company.

Zero Motors

Zero Motors is one of the first companies to develop and manufacture a high-performance electric motorcycle. The company currently offers several different lines of bikes, each with a different battery capacity and performance profile. Some of the models are designed for street use while others are better suited for off-road riding or racing. When purchasing a used bike, be sure to check the maximum range of the battery. It may have a lower capacity than the original, and the batteries lose power over time.

The SR/S is a fun and capable street-bike that will make any commute more interesting. It can go from 0-60 in less than three seconds, Electric Motorcycles manufacturer and the instant torque makes it an absolute blast to ride. The bike is very stable and comfortable, and the windscreen does a great job of keeping the rider’s head protected from buffeting. It also handles urban traffic and highway speeds quite well, and the engine is very quiet.

The FXE is the latest model from Zero, and it has a number of improvements over previous versions. The new model uses a more efficient motor, which can produce more horsepower and torque. The battery has been upgraded to a Farasis flat pouch design that allows for more capacity and increased range. The FXE also has a new color screen that ties into the bike’s Cypher II operating system.

Pursang Motorcycles

Pursang Motorcycles is an innovative company that’s reshaping the future of transportation. The company’s flagship model, the E-Track, is a retro-inspired flat tracker that offers an exhilarating driving experience. With its sleek design, powerful Bosch motor, and 3D-printed parts, the E-Track is a truly remarkable electric bike. Founded by Jim Palau-Ribes, Pursang is committed to engineering the future of mobility. Its unique line of products demonstrates their commitment to quality, performance, and sustainability.

The first Pursang motorcycle was launched in 2018, after years of hard work by industrial engineer Jim Palau-Ribes and his team. The company’s vision is to transform the world of motorcycles by making them fully electric. Their goal is to meet the growing need for sustainable mobility in a time of increasing emissions and noise pollution.

In order to achieve this, the company uses a range of advanced technology in its products. They offer a wide variety of models, from street-legal to off-road bikes, all of which feature a unique style and power. The company is also known for its exemplary customer service, which is available in several languages.

The E-Track is powered by an 11kW Bosch electric motor, and three 48V batteries rated at 2.4 kWh. This provides a range of up to 140 kilometers, and a top speed of 120 km/h. Electric Motorcycles manufacturer This makes it an excellent choice for urban use, and you can even drive in a limited mode without polluting the air!


The Energica Experia is Europe’s first electric green tourer bike and it’s a doozie. It’s built for long-range two-up touring comfort with a spacious and adjustable windscreen under the aero fairing, plus plenty of hard luggage space. It also has a brand-new electric powertrain optimized for long-range and comfort riding. The motor and battery have been re-designed with increased capacity and a more centralized, lower center of gravity for better low-speed rideability.

Energica builds nearly all of its components in-house, and the company’s design team is focused on building great looking electric motorcycles that are fast and fun to drive. The company also offers a comprehensive suite of services to help other motorcycle manufacturers speed up their own electric vehicle development. The Energica Inside business unit is focused on helping other companies develop and integrate EV technology into their motorcycles faster.

As a side note, Energica is the main constructor for the MotoE World Cup so a lot of their latest tech in motor management, battery technology and power delivery flows into their consumer models. This shows in the way the EVA handled throttle input cleanly on my ride, shed speed progressively and devoured corners like fast food.

All Energica motorcycles use an advanced lithium-ion battery that’s integrated into the chassis with a single-sided swingarm and is fully waterproof. It is capable of recharging in about 2.5 hours and has an onboard charger that supports CCS. The battery is also protected by a unique cooling system that uses specific ventilation paths to limit stress on the cell.


Johammer is a company that has made it a point to push the boundaries of traditional motorcycle design. Their focus on innovation and reimagination has resulted in a series of stunning electric bikes that are unlike anything you’ve seen before.

Their latest bike, the J1, is a true head-turner. It features a chopper-style aesthetic and an all-new energy supply system that allows the bike to travel up to 200 km on a single charge. The bike also includes two high-resolution 2.4 inch mirror displays that provide riders with relevant driving information at a glance.

The J1 also has a unique set of controls that allow riders to change their riding position. While the standard set of foot pegs are designed for a relaxed upright ride, riders can also switch to a more aggressive cruiser-style handlebar setup. This allows them to take full advantage of the bike’s performance capabilities.

While the J1 may look like a sleek sportsbike, it’s not without its flaws. Its large battery pack, fancy dash-mirror displays, and hub-center steering are expensive to operate. Fortunately, the J1’s impressive range and acceleration make up for its cost. It can go from 0 to 60 in just three seconds, and has a lightning-quick 40-minute charge time. Moreover, the motor has been designed to produce instant torque with no need for revs.

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