M12 4 Pin Bulkhead Connectors

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m12 4 pin bulkhead connector

M12 4 Pin Bulkhead Connectors

M12 4 pin bulkhead connectors are available in several variations that suite your needs. Different coding forms are used to reduce the chances of mismating. They are suitable for washdown and corrosive environments.

They are easy to install and clearly coded to prevent accidental disconnections. They also feature a threaded ring that is tightened by hand to ensure watertight protection.


IP67 is a rating that indicates how dust and water-proof a product is. This rating system is based on a numbering system and can range from 0 to 9, with zero representing no protection against dust and sand, and nine meaning complete protection against submersion in water for 30 minutes. IP ratings are also used for products that require washdown or corrosive environments.

In order to achieve the IP67 rating, a part must be tested for both no-dust ingress and water ingress. This is accomplished by putting the device in a test chamber that replicates real-world conditions, including temperature, humidity, and vibration. If a part fails either of these tests, it is not considered IP67-rated and must be retested.

The M12 connector is a circular connector with a 12-mm locking thread, m12 4 pin bulkhead connector and it is used in many industrial applications for actuators and sensors. It has different pin counts, depending on your application: power connections require 3 or 4 pins; industrial ethernet, PROFINET, and Fieldbus use 4, 5, or 8 pins; and signal requirements use 12 pins.

The M12 connector is available in a wide variety of coding options, such as A coded and B coded. It can also provide EMI shielding, which reduces electromagnetic waves and RF radio frequency interference. It is also available in a wide variety of mating styles, from screw to push-pull.


The IP69K rating protects against close-range, high pressure water and steam jets. It also seals against dust and other contaminants, including chemicals. This makes it ideal for use in washdown and corrosive environments such as those found in food and beverage applications. The rating is also useful in machine-building and automation projects, where connectors are frequently moved.

The UTS series of waterproof connectors from Turck is available in a range of sizes and pin counts to suit different needs. These connectors are designed to handle power distribution, material handling and 10 Gig data transmission. They are manufactured using the highest quality plastics and metal components to ensure longevity and safety. They also meet international design and approval standards for peace of mind.

These IP69K-rated connectors are watertight when mated and unmated. They are also UL94V0 flame-resistant and can withstand high temperatures. They are designed for easy installation and feature different codings to prevent mis-mating.

This type of connector is ideal for a wide variety of industrial applications, from material handling to automation. Its low profile and compact size make it ideal for mounting on panels and machinery. It is a cost-effective solution for industrial Ethernet and offers an excellent level of protection against dirt, debris and dust. In addition, it has a robust, reliable locking system that prevents loosening and accidental disconnections.


Whether you are looking for a waterproof connector, or something that can handle harsh environments, the M12 A-coded 4 pin connector is a great choice. It is rated IP67 and has a dust-tight rating. It also has a wide temperature range, making it suitable for use in various applications. These include industrial automation, outdoor applications, and measurement and control. The connector is easy to install and can withstand harsh conditions, including cold temperatures and high humidity.

The m12 4 pin bulkhead connector is available in a variety of different coding and pins. It can be A coded 2 pin, 3 pin, or 4 pin; C coded 5 pin, or 6 pin; D coded 8 pin; or X coded 12 pin. It can also be female or male, and angled or straight. These m12 connectors are made with nickel-plated brass and have a high corrosion resistance.

M12 connectors have a 12-mm locking thread and are used primarily in factory automation applications for actuators, sensors, and industrial Ethernet. They are also suited for washdown and corrosive environments. They can be connected to wires with the help of a crimp terminal. They can be prewired or soldered in the field, and are available with a variety of pin counts and housings. They can be used for a variety of applications, including fieldbus and Profibus.

Panel mount

The M12 connector is a circular locking thread that is used in factory automation applications for actuators, sensors, industrial ethernet, and Fieldbus. It can be used in washdown and corrosive environments, and is available in different pin counts to meet various application needs. For example, sensors and power applications use 3 and 4 pins; PROFINET and ethernet use 4, 5, or 8 pins; and Fieldbus uses 12 pins. The M12 connector system is ideally suited for the IIoT, which requires real-time data connectivity that can identify disruptions, discover unused capacity, reduce maintenance costs, and improve overall equipment effectiveness.

The panel mount rating of the m12 4 pin bulkhead connector is IP67, 3m waterproof wire connectors which means it is dust-tight and provides protection against temporary immersion in water. The connector is also UL-approved, making it ideal for use in harsh environment conditions.

The m12 male panel mount connector is front-mounted and comes with a 0.5m of PVC litz wire for easy termination. It can be prewired in the factory or by a field service technician. The litz wire is UL-approved and offers a high degree of abrasion resistance. It is also flame-retardant, waterproof, and has excellent electrical conductivity. It is available in several versions and codings, and it can mate with other M12 connectors of the same code. It is also available in a variety of colors and diameters.

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