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Television plays an integral role in our everyday life. It is the greatest source of entertainment, information, and learning. Many people watch TV for gathering knowledge and information about the outside world while some watch it for only entertainment purposes. Also, It is considered as the greatest source of communication. Broadcasts of news at global and local levels on television keep the people updated. Television can also be used as an educational device because many educational programs and channels are available for learning. 

As the technology is progressing, the concept of viewing TV beyond cathode ray tube is left far behind. Today, televisions with the latest technology have been introduced. There are many types and models of television which are listed below from older to the latest technology:

  • Direct view TVs
  • Plasma displays
  • LCDs
  • LEDs
  • OLEDs
  • QLEDs

Among all these types, QLED TVs are the latest models. QLED or quantum light-emitting diodes are the latest techs of LCDs. To improve the brightness and color of the display, small nanoparticles are amended in LCDs. These TVs consist of small semiconductor crystals which are called quantum dots. 

When these dots emit light depending on their sizes, the wavelength of light changes with the dimensions. QLED TVs use a black light unit to produce light. When light is produced by this unit, it passes through various screens or plates and an image is produced.

Advantages of QLED TVs over other televisions are:

QLED TVs are more affordable and long-lasting than other TVs because the quantum dots used in their construction are resistant to moisture.

  • Picture quality is more improved in QLEDs.
  • These TVs are slim and lightweight.
  • Power consumption is low.
  • Visual quality is brighter than other LEDs.

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