Set Apart Between Silica Sol Spreading And Also Water Glass Casting

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Products that are prone to high rust resistance are cast with silica sol. The reason for utilizing Silica Sol Casting is it has much less discrepancy of measurements, and also its surface high quality is exceptional.

On the other hand, water glass casting resembles a lot of investment casting. The only difference is that water glass casting entails water glass as a binder for the covering. Utilizing it, extremely complicated forms can be accomplished with amazing surface coating and outstanding precision. Water glass casting is much cheaper than silica sol casting.

Molding Product And Also Its Expense

The molding material in silica sol financial investment casting is silica sol zircons sand. This product can quickly hold up against 2000 degrees. However, this material is extremely costly, which is why the procedure of silica sol spreading has to do with 6.5 USD/kg.

While water glass spreading procedures use water glass quarts as a molding product and it is more affordable than that used in silica sol spreading. Water glass quartz can birth temperatures as high as 1800 degrees, as well as it costs about 2.5 USD/kg.


Silica sol spreading is the very best for metals that are most likely to go through deterioration. Different sorts of metals can be cast with it as it is rather flexible. You can obtain thorough casting with silica sol making use of the slim wall surfaces. Besides that, it also has remarkable dimensional accuracy as well as gives perfect completion at the same time.

One of the most essential advantages of water glass spreading is that it is eco-friendly, as well as a lot of complex shapes can be achieved with it. It has an excellent surface level of smoothness and also a couple of inside issues.

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